BHASVIC Tea Party Wedding

BHASVIC quirky tea party wedding brighton

Quirky and kitsch was the theme of Jenny and Viv’s family orientated wedding. Jenny spent a long time collecting retro and kitsch cups and saucers for their Brighton tea party wedding. Informal and family orientated was the way they planned it. They wanted documentary wedding photography only with no formal pictures at all. Most of their friends had young children the same as them so they the wedding was planned with children in mind. They had games, a children’s entertainer and the potential for some Swedish tie cutting! Before it was a sixth form college, BHASVIC used to be Brighton, Hove and Sussex Grammar School.

The beautiful oaked panelled hall has massive mural paintings above and a high vaulted ceiling. It makes a great space for a party. Jenny and Viv had a quiet official ceremony at Brighton registry office just prior to their wedding but recreated it with a best friend being the officiator. There was no best man and no bridesmaids; instead, they had 3 best women. As they stood under an arch of greenery with their family and friends around them, they made their vows to each other. Then for the tea party, with sandwiches, tea, and cakes. Their eclectic tea service depicted royal weddings, kings, and peasants! The seating plan was very original with each guest depicted only by an unknown fact about them. At seat number 17 was “someone who tried to tie a string around the neck of a bumble bee because he wanted a flying pet”!

A pub quiz, slideshow, speeches and more games followed while the children were being entertained by a magician. The highlight of the entertainment was Elton John; Ultimate Elton not only looked like the real thing but sounded like him too. He sang all the classic Elton songs whilst playing his piano. He was excellent and they were very lucky to have booked him. Later, the wedding party moved on to The Brunswick pub in Hove where they danced the night away with a DJ till the early hours. It was a very entertaining and unique wedding and I loved every minute of it.

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