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I'm a documentary wedding photographer and I love a wedding. It's my job to tell the story of your wedding day with candid photography, capturing those special moments as they happen naturally. It’s the little moments as well as the big ones which make the day so memorable.  Do you want to cherish the feelings and emotions of your wedding forever and remember them as they really happened rather than as a photographer directed? If that’s the case, then my style of photography could be for you.

If this is going to be your second marriage. You may have done it differently last time, with endless formal group shots. This time want to do it your way with less formality or less formal photography. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to look back and see a big picture with everyone who was there on the day, but, these are not the pictures that spark memories. It’s the ones where your dad sees you for the first time in your wedding dress, which brings a tear to his eye. It’s the time that your best friend trips over your dress and nearly spills her glass of champagne. It’s the expression on your face when you’re listening to an emotional speech. It’s moments like these that brings it all to life again. And in 30 years’ time when your grandchildren are pouring over your wedding album and ask you all about it, you’ll still get that warm feeling like the day it happened.

Candid (Definition)

truthful, straightforward and frank. (A photograph of a person) taken informally, especially without the subject's knowledge.  As in "it is better to let the photographer mingle among the guests and take candid shots"

Tripping over wedding dress with champagne at Slaugham Place wedding

I’ve never asked anyone to “smile” at a wedding but I have photographed many tears!

I’m relaxed but attentive and I put people at ease. When I photograph your wedding, I’m 100% focused and completely in the zone. Your guests may think I’m just another guest with a camera. That’s because I won’t interrupt the flow of your day. If you’d like me to create some beautiful couple shots on your own that’s lovely but I won’t take you away from all the fun for long.  Because I believe that “a photograph is not a photograph unless it is printed”, all my clients will receive a beautiful wedding album. For information about my collections please hop over to my information page. I’d love to find out all about your plans and chat them over with you. Lets talk.

Bride and groom really laughing at the wedding ceremony

My biggest regret is not having a professional photographer for my own wedding in 2008. I did what many people who have been married before do, asked some friends to take photos. I do have photos from one friend which are lovely but there is a huge difference between pictures from a friend with a nice camera and pictures from a professional wedding photographer. Another friend who took lots of pictures totally lost the digital files so we’ve never seen them.

Because I believe that “a photograph is not a photograph unless it is printed”, all my clients will receive a beautiful wedding album. Wedding collections including an album start from £1475. Want to find out more, please get in touch and let’s talk about your wedding day.


Candid documentary wedding photography from £1475

What you’ll get is:

• Pre-wedding consultation to understand all about your unique wedding day

• Me photographing your wedding

• Complete wedding day coverage tailored to you

• A beautiful album individually designed

• A private online gallery

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