Special Occasions - Louise Sullivan Photography

As well as being a documentary wedding photographer, I also tell other stories with my photography. I have often been asked to photograph special birthdays or anniversaries as these occasions are also significant events in peoples lives.  In fact any occasion when people get together to celebrate is usually a great time to see people at their best. These occasions can be rare times we get to spend with our extended familiy and loved ones. Just recently, we organised a big surprise party for my parents 50th Golden wedding anniversary. We had family and friends, some of whom we'd not seen for a few years  and certainly not all together at one time. Obviously being a photographer my plan was to document the occasion. But no, I decided that if I was a guest and I spent my evening with my camera in hand, I'd miss that special time to share with everyone. I'm very pleased that I made that decision because the time went so quickly and it was a wonderful occasion, I would not have wanted anything to get in the way of the joy that it brought. Instead we had another  photographer to do that job for us. As a documentary photographer, I am that person who can spend 100% of my time observing, and capturing those special moments which make these occasions unmissable. Please take a look through a few of my special occasion pictures below. If you  would like to know more please use my contact page to get in touch or simply call me on 07811 430566 and I look forward to hearing from you.

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