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About me

I'm obsessed with photography and that's why I'm a full time documentary wedding photographer. My obsession means when I'm not working, I'll happily spend every spare moment out with my camera. Often, I'm doing street photography around Brighton near where I live. I just love photographing people in a candid way. Whether it's because the light is perfectly illuminating their hair or two people are having a heated debate and their expressions are amusing, I can't help finding people fascinating.

Wedding photography for me combines my love of people photography with an event that just makes me happy. I love weddings. I find myself getting emotional even when two people that I hardly know are saying their vows. And it's this emotion that I want to capture in my photographs for you, forever.

A recent wedding client said...

"Wow thank you SO much for the absolutely amazing photos. There are so many pictures of things we didn't even know were going on during the day, we wouldn't have remembered even half of what you have captured, thank you."

My photography style can be described as photo journalistic or documentary but really what that means is that I tell the story of your day through my pictures. The story has a start, a middle and an end and that story can be read and re-read over the years just like a good book or film. You know the ones that you love going back to even though you know the ending. Most importantly, my candid style means that you will hardly know I'm there. Your guests will not be waiting around while hundreds of group shots and portrait sessions are done. The day will flow naturally and nothing will get in the way of you and your guests enjoying the occasion. I won't be directing people, instead I will be watching and listening for the moments that matter. Of course, you are going to look amazing and I will make sure that I capture that too but not in a way that you need to even think about. You're free to get on with your day and not worry about the photography. That way, you will end up with a photographic story to keep forever. 

I live in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, a village just north of Brighton. I cover the whole of East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey but I'm also happy to travel to any location in the UK to photograph weddings.  

Please take a look around my website, look at my photos, watch the photo film on my weddings page and you will get a good idea about my style as a documentary wedding photographer. If it's a style you like and you don't want to be bossed around on your wedding day, then please get in touch to enquire about your date and to find out more. Please contact me or call me on 07811 430566 for enquiries. 

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